Commercial Roof Infrared Scans

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The heat from the sun can really take a toll on its roof. If you’re noticing water damage, cracks in the shingles or even missing patches of material then it might be time to consider replacing them! Our certified thermographer will use high-resolution infrared cameras (which are non-invasive) to locate areas where there is likely moist air coming into contact with metal flashing around penetrations. Such as chimneys, vents and gutters which cause corrosion before moving onto other sections within an attic space. Roofs are constantly exposed to the elements and without proper care, they can develop serious problems that lead to leaks and other damage. If you think your roof may be in need of repair or replacement, contact our Tulsa property inspection team today for commercial roof infrared scans!


During a Tulsa property inspection and commercial roof infrared scans, our certified thermographer will use a high resolution infrared camera to locate areas of moisture under the roof surface. These areas will be marked with a paint stick and numbered so that the property owner, roofing contractor or insurance company can locate them later for further evaluation.

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