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Methamphetamine, or meth, is a highly toxic, powerful central nervous system stimulant with a potential to become an addictive drug. Some of its street names include crank, crystal, speed, chalk, glass, and ice. It can be smoked, snorted, injected, or ingested. Manufacturing, distributing, or possessing meth is illegal.


The dangers of meth are well documented. It’s an addictive, highly toxic central nervous system stimulant with the potential to become habit forming and very harmful in large doses or when taken frequently over time. Some common street names for this drug include crank (because it can produce a sense that one has been doing something their whole life), crystal glass speed chalk ice among others but they all have one thing which makes them alike – illegal manufacturing!

Illegal Meth Labs

A meth lab can be set up using common household equipment and chemicals. The different ways of making meth can involve explosives, solvents, metals, salts, and corrosives. Meth labs have been found in homes, sheds, barns, motel and hotel rooms, outside in the woods, and in car trunks. Manufacturing or”cooking” meth can leave behind large amounts of toxic waste.

Signs of an Illegal Drug Lab

Alone, these activities or signs may not mean that illegal drug activity is occurring. However, some or several of them happening together may indicate a problem.

  • Strong chemical odor coming from house, garbage, or detached building.
  • Visitors come and go throughout the day and night and stay for short periods of time.
  • Extra efforts to cover windows or have extensive security, such as reinforced doors.
  • Deterioration of property and excessive amounts of trash, such as large amounts of antifreeze, drain cleaner, and glass containers.
  • Appear to have plenty of money but don’t seem to go to work – drive expensive cars, pay rent or bills with cash.
  • Never take trash out to be collected or put garbage in another neighbor’s collection area.
  • Residents come outside to smoke cigarettes.
  • Children and pets of the home appear to be neglected.
  • Residents act unfriendly, paranoid, or appear secretive about their activities.
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Dangers of Meth Labs

Waste dumped from meth labs can expose people to toxic chemicals. People picking up litter on the side of a road have been injured from meth lab waste dumps. Exposures to high levels of contaminants found in meth labs can cause shortness of breath, cough, chest pain, dizziness, lack of coordination, chemical irritation, and burns to the skin, eyes, mouth and nose, and in severe cases, death. Symptoms such as headache, nausea, dizziness, and fatigue have occurred in people who entered a meth lab after the bust was completed, but before the property was properly cleaned and ventilated. If you experience any of these symptoms, contact your healthcare provider.


If you’re considering purchasing a home that was once used as a meth lab, there are some dangers you should be aware of. Meth labs produce toxins that can seep into the walls and floors of a home, and these toxins can be harmful to your health.  While it’s possible to clean a home that has been used as a meth lab, it’s not always possible to remove all of the toxins.

The Process

The process of testing for contamination begins with two to four areas being sampled at different locations in your house. These samples will then be sent offsite and analyzed by an expert who can determine if methamphetamines have been used or manufactured on-site! Once the initial analysis is complete, you should receive results within 6 business days; however if there are any time constraints related please contact us immediately as we offer rush meth testing status services for an additional fee based upon how urgently required this information is needed!

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