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Who Offers the Best Home Inspection Services in Muskogee?

OklaHome Inspections has earned the distinction of being Muskogee’s premier home inspection company by prioritizing exceptional customer care and services. Our commitment to delivering the finest experience to each client sets us apart. With our team of qualified home inspectors and meticulous reporting, you can trust in the thoroughness of your home inspection. Our professionals undergo comprehensive training, equipping them with the knowledge to provide you with detailed reports and a comprehensive understanding of your home’s condition. After completing the inspection, we take the time to review our findings with you, ensuring that you are well-informed about any potential issues that may arise during the buying or selling process. Our aim is to eliminate any confusion or concerns by thoroughly discussing each discovery within your home. Additionally, we provide you and your realtor with a copy of the report, allowing you to retain it for your records. OklaHome Inspections’ commitment to your satisfaction solidifies our reputation as Muskogee’s leading home inspectors.

Muskogee, OK, Home Inspection

Services Offered By OklaHome Inspections


At OklaHome Inspections, we take pride in our ability to cater to the diverse needs of our clients by offering a comprehensive range of home inspection services. We recognize that every home is distinct and requires a tailored approach. That’s why our inspections encompass a thorough examination of your home’s interior, exterior, appliances, connections, and numerous other aspects. By providing such a wide array of inspection services, we continually elevate the industry’s standard for what a comprehensive home inspection should encompass. Our extensive selection of services includes:

  • Mold Testing
  • Radon Testing
  • Floor Duct Video Inspection
  • Meth Testing
  • Sewer Camera Inspections
  • Commercial Roof Infrared Scans
  • Winterization
Muskogee Home Inspection

Muskogee’s Experts in Home Inspections


With an impressive track record spanning over 35 years in the home inspection and building industry, our team at OklaHome Inspections has amassed extensive knowledge and garnered undeniable credibility. Our unwavering commitment is to provide our valued customers with unparalleled services and exceptional customer care. To ensure your utmost satisfaction, we go the extra mile in several ways. Firstly, we exclusively employ trained inspectors who have successfully passed background checks, guaranteeing your peace of mind. Moreover, our inspectors arrive at your location in marked company vans, further instilling confidence and trust.


Each member of our team embodies a friendly and patient demeanor, taking the time to conduct meticulous inspections and thoroughly walk you through their findings. Our comprehensive reports not only detail the inspection results but also provide valuable information, such as home prevention tips and major expenditures that may be necessary for your home. This clarity empowers you to navigate the next steps of your home buying or selling process with ease and confidence. Our aim is to alleviate the stress associated with such endeavors, ensuring that your home inspection becomes one less thing for you to worry about.


If you are interested in exploring the many ways in which we can assist you throughout your home inspection journey, we invite you to contact us today and schedule an appointment. Our dedicated team is ready to serve you.